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Geisha Pen
Multicolor Pen
Kimono Girl Pen
Japanese Girl Pen

Kawaii Japanese Kimono Girl 4 Colors in 1 Pen ~ Multicolor Pen

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The word Geisha comes from the Japanese "gei" which means, performing arts, and the word "sha" which means person, so Geisha means entertainer. This adorable Geisha Pen, will not only keep you entertained with its cuteness, but you will find it very useful, as it comes with four colors  in one single pen. The small size will make it easy to carry on your pocket, and won't take much space in your pencil bag! 

Includes 1 Pen, random design color sent
Pen comes with 4 different ink colors 
Writing point 0.5mm
Material: Plastic, Silicone, Ink
Approximate pen's length: 10cm (3.9 in)