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Practical Ruler Pens 5 Pc Set
Practical Ruler Pens 5 Pc Set

Practical Ruler Pens 5 Pc Set

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Introducing the Practical Ruler Pens Set, the perfect combination of functionality and convenience. These versatile pens are designed with a unique self-contained ruler feature that will revolutionize the way you work and create.

Each pen in this set is equipped with a practical 10 cm ruler that effortlessly slides out whenever you need to make precise measurements or draw straight lines. Once you're done, simply slide the ruler back onto the side of the pen, where it seamlessly blends in, staying flush as an integral part of the pen's design.
With their retractable mechanism, these pens offer quick and effortless operation, ensuring hassle-free use in any situation. The refillable design allows you to enjoy the smooth writing experience of the black gel ink for a long time, making these pens not only practical but also environmentally friendly.

These Practical Ruler Pens are an essential tool for students, professionals, teachers, and anyone who values accuracy and efficiency. Whether you're at school, tackling homework assignments, or working in an office environment, these pens will quickly become your go-to writing instruments. 

 Set includes 5 Pens
Self contained ruler is 10 cm long
Black Ink
Writing point: 0.5 mm
Material: Plastic, Ink
Approximate pen's size: 15 cm (5.9 in)
Approximate pen's weight 12 grams