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Nostalgic Asia Scenery Postcards 30 Pc Set

Nostalgic Asia Scenery Postcards 30 Pc Set

Regular price $24.99 $14.99 Sale

This beautiful postcard set comes with thirty different black and white scenery designs. Lovely postcards to collect or to surprise a friend or a loved one, by mailing it to them. You can also use them as bookmarks, message cards and as gift tags! A bit smaller in size than a regular postcard, pop them in an envelope to mail out. 

 Includes 1 Pack
 Pack comes with 30 postcards, all different designs
 Approximate pack's size 14.3cm x 9.3cm (5.6in x 3.7in)
 Smaller than a regular postcard, you may need an envelope to mail them
 Material: Heavy cardstock